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Costo Spedizione

Costo Spedizione


You will PAY to Trentino Shop ONLY the products with no additional tax and no delivery cost.
The sell is closed in Italy. Shipping, taxes and laws in different countries are customer’s responsibility which we invite to respect.
At the end, the European courier will send you a estimate email, for delivery the order to your personal address, that you can pay directly with PayPal or Credit Card.

The preventive price will be about like this:

order of 6 bottles of 0,75cl - about 10kg
  • 24,95€
order of 12 bottles of 0,75cl - about 20kg
  • 29,50€
order of18 bottles of 0,75cl - about 30kg
  • 32,90€

Otherwise, you can pickup the order directly in Rovereto in ITALY if you have your personal courier.
For comments or questions, please email Info@trentinoshop.com

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